Rental Application

Qualifications to Rent:

1. No evictions !
2. No serious CRIMINAL record within the last 3 years.
3. Must earn at least 2 ½ the rent.
For example you must earn at least $1,500 for a $600 per month apartment.

Source of Income that may be used:

1. Current Employer
2. Welfare
4. SSI
5. Section 8
6. Unemployment…subject to some restrictions

Acceptable Payees

1. Stewards
2. Section 8
3. Rapid Re Housing
4. Around the Clock

The Application

Fill In All Blanks, all information must be current and correct, we verify everything.

Please have Social Security Card and Drivers License/I.D. when applying.

There is a $25 Credit Check which must be paid before your application is processed.

The credit check takes 2 – 3 business days to process

Thank You For Choosing RPS!


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